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Overleaf for LaTeX Theses & Dissertations: Using Templates on Overleaf

Tips and tools for writing your LaTeX thesis or dissertation in Overleaf

Start your projects with quality LaTeX templates for journals, theses, dissertations, CVs, resumes, papers, presentations, posters, assignments, letters, project reports, and more.

Getting started

Start with Overleaf templates

Overleaf templates make it easy to get started with all types of projects - from papers and presentations to newsletters, CVs, and much more! It's also a great way to learn LaTeX and produce professional looking projects quickly.

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Find templates on Overleaf

Visit our thesis template gallery

Make your own templates on Overleaf

Upload or create templates for assignments, presentations, theses, posters, and student/faculty journals for your institution. Just create it as a project on Overleaf and use the publish menu.

Begin Your Work Using the Official 'University' Thesis Template on Overleaf

(If your University has an official thesis template published on Overleaf, you can customize this box accordingly with a link to the template)

Write your thesis using the official 'Name of University goes here' thesis template

Find your University's template on Overleaf here (insert link to official LaTeX thesis template on Overleaf Gallery or custom Overleaf institutional portal template page).